NO, I didn’t take birth control!

You weren’t on birth control?? Why didn’t you just take the birth control? Not taking birth control was a stupid decision.

A lot of things i often heard when i first found out i was pregnant. Not everyone will understand the reasons behind why someone makes the decisions they do, but the beauty in that, is the fact i don’t really care what you think because what i do doesn’t affect you.

Birth control is an awesome thing, and i think it should always be an option for any woman that wants it. But just because women are recommended to use it, doesn’t mean every woman wants to. And yes your doctors opinions and suggestions are super important and you should always consider them but no one knows your own body like you do. So do what is ultimately the best for you.

I started taking birth control when i was 13, because other than preventing pregnancy birth control has a lot of other benefits and can be used for many different purposes. From 13 till only a couple months ago, i have been on and off it countless times. One thing i’ve always noticed about birth control is it made me feel sick, physically i felt heavy or just not 100%. It also kept me in a bad mood, and on top of that did nothing for my periods. I’ve tried all kinds of different brands of BC, but nothing ever matched me. Because it’s hard to match that hormone level your body puts out as well as allowing or hoping your body reacts positively to the extra hormones and estrogen being put into your body every day.

Now i know a lot of girls live by birth control and that is awesome, i’m so happy that is an option for us. But i’m just not one of those people. When i found out i was pregnant never once did i wish i had been on birth control, because even with taking birth control there is still that 1% of getting pregnant. And that does and has happened to a lot of women before. If you lay down to have intercourse you have to acknowledge the fact there will aways be a chance you could get pregnant. So to lay down and do that, and sit there and think that could never happen to you is ignorant birth control or not.

Birth control isn’t always going to prevent a pregnancy, and Plan B pills don’t always work either. So it’s not smart to completely rely on that. So before you jump on someone who got pregnant and blame it on the fact they weren’t taking birth control, enlighten yourself on how often women get pregnant while on BC. Or just in general how one time can do it for you and next thing you know you’re pregnant.

Moral of this is, i hated the fact people told me i should of used birth control because i got pregnant as a teen. I hated that people knew nothing about my history with birth control, yet told me i was dumb for not using it. We live in a generation where so many people want woman to feel accepted and be able to make their own decisions. When almost all i got in response to me not using birth control, was that i was “stupid” or “immature”. Birth control, CAN be bad for some women. Birth control CAN hurt some women.

So no, BC isn’t always an option for women or maybe they don’t want it to be and that is fine!

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